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Vihamana – Main Restaurant

Breakfast. The aroma of home comforts. Freshly baked bread. You smell the waffles before you see them. An omelette frying in the pan, just the way you like it.

By night, a tasty feast. Japanese delicacies.

Hearty Italian.

Fiery Indian curries.

Local Maldivian dishes.

Each day is different, each cuisine memorable.


Start the day with free-flowing sparkling. Refreshing tropical fruits and cold cuts, elegantly served. Delight in flaky pastries, freshly squeezed juices. Enjoy Eggs Benedict, crêpes and a range of made-to-order options.

Over dinner, vast sea views. Bites of succulent lobster and tiger prawns.

Savoury spices and salt. Earthy Maldivian flavours, culinary wisdom deep as the Indian Ocean.

Breezy alfresco dining in the company of friends or family, beachside or perched over water.

The Hamakaze – “Ocean Winds”

Kurumba’s ‘Ocean Wind’.

Flames leap, mouth-watering teppanyaki sizzles.

Colourful sushi and sashimi platters.

The chef shares his favourite maki roll recipe.

A lively and sumptuous dining experience in our overwater restaurant.

Al Qasr

Middle Eastern specialities.

A stately ambiance. ‘The Palace’ lives up to its name.

Charcoal grilled meats, juicy kebabs, mezze, intriguing dips. A selection spanning Tunisian, Lebanese and Moroccan.

You pause to admire the Arabic artefacts. Breathe in the spices.

Transported to another world, surrounded by new flavours.

Kurumba Mahal

The glitter of red and gold.

The intoxicating scent of incense.

Authentic recipes, from the far reaches of Northern India. An emphasis on savoury.

You agonise over the menu, so much to choose from.

Bright tandooris, rich curries, buttery naan and syrupy desserts.

From mouth-numbing to mild, delighting everyone.


Flavours from the East.

Influenced by the oriental countries of China, Vietnam and a touch of Thailand.

Set in an inspired Asian backdrop.

Offering an array of shared and individual dishes.


The best traditional Italian dishes with a twist.

A contemporary dining experience in a relaxed atmosphere.

Open wine racks with Italian labels.

Kurumba Cafe.

Laid-back dining, opposite the pool.

Varied snacks arrive, playful Maldivian dishes, zesty chutneys.

Scrumptious sandwiches, hamburgers, comfort foods.

Stop in for a quick bite, or leisurely all-day dining.

Carefree meals at poolside tables.

Savour homemade ice cream, dessert heaven, as you watch the waves.



A breezy, open-air pavilion with wide overwater deck. Day beds, pods, relaxing lounges. So many choices. Delightful afternoons and laid-back evenings.

Fine wines colour the twilight hours. Passing marine life visible from your seat.

Anticipation builds as you await tonight’s live band. It’s said to be a good one. The day recedes. Smooth DJ sets and creative cocktails, a relaxed mood that takes you long into the night.

Exhilarating Maldivian dancing. A perfect blend of lively and chilled, enjoying the band or stargazing on daybeds.


On the island’s western end, perfectly angled.

Arrive just in time, order a light snack.

A cocktail to hand, barefoot luxury, sand beneath your feet.

You sit back. Dazzling colours over the Indian Ocean.

A magnificent sunset. Quiet all around, except for the whispering tide.


You remember the day’s adventures with warm smiles, but the night has only just begun.

Kalhu at the karaoke bar, nestled in a quiet corner. A wide selection of spirits and vintages.

The room bursts with song. The latest equipment, loaded with perennial favourites and chart-toppers. The night rushes on, filled with laughter and bold choruses.

Fun for all.

Private Dining

Sounds of the Sea

No interruptions. Just the two of you and the sounds of the sea.

The stars above.

Sumptuous courses arrive, one after the other.

Fresh tuna carpaccio, braised rack of lamb.Thoughtfully matched fine wines.

You toast. Eyes meet, telling stories. Everything perfect.

Personal Thakuru on hand.

You will remember this night. The cool sand underfoot, the moonlit waves stretch onward.

Room Service

Exchange a knowing look, it’s decided: tonight is a stay-in night.

Peruse the menu. Kurumba’s wide selection of dining options, delivered to your doorstep 24 hours a day.

Fire up the dvd player, share a pizza over a good film. Or an intimate full-course meal, carefully laid-out.

In the mornings, a continental breakfast, eggs cooked-to-order or international dishes to choose from.

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